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Tim Sweeney Net Worth 2024, Biography, Wiki, Age, More

Tim Sweeney Net Worth

Tim Sweeney is an American game developer and CEO. Tim Sweeney net worth of $five billion. Tim Sweeney earned his internet really worth because the founder and CEO of online game employer Epic games which created the insanely popular Fortnite. Epic is also the creator of the bogus Engine sport improvement platform and owns the app Houseparty. After several non-public financing rounds it’s miles believed that Tim Sweeney owns 28% of Epic as of this writing.

Net Worth: $5 Billion
Birthdate: 1970 (fifty four years vintage)
Birthplace: Potomac
Gender: Male
Profession: Programmer, Entrepreneur, Businessperson, sport programmer
Nationality: united states

what is Tim Sweeney net worth and income?

Tim Sweeney is an American game developer and CEO who has a internet worth of $5 billion.


Tim Sweeney was born in Potomac, Maryland in 1970. As a child he loved to tinker with electric appliances and gadgets. according to legend he took the circle of relatives lawnmower apart while he was simply 5 years antique to see the way it labored. some years later he built his personal go-kart.

growing up inside the 1970s, Tim became the top age to experience the arcade game wave.

when Tim become eleven, Tim visited his older brother who by now became residing in California operating for a startup that had access to IBM desktops. all through that week journeying his brother Tim taught himself the laptop language primary and went home addicted to programming. That hobby in programming only grew whilst his circle of relatives returned domestic in Maryland were given an Apple II laptop. before turning 15 he created several original video games that he by no means even shared with absolutely everyone else.

Tim enrolled in the university of Maryland in the overdue 1980s in which he studied mechanical engineering. at the same time as in college, the use of an IBM computer that was a present from his father, Tim started a consulting commercial enterprise referred to as Potomac pc systems in his parents’ basement which wasn’t some distance from campus. The employer never took off however it taught him the needed abilities to be an era entrepreneur.

net worth


Potomac pc systems wasn’t the only corporation Tim launched from his mother and father’ basement at the same time as he became nevertheless in university. He used that same IBM to continue writing unique games. His first recreation, “ZZT”, proved to be successful, bringing in $one hundred in shareware royalties a day from those who traded the sport on bulletin boards and hand-to-hand.

at the success of ZZT, Tim based his very own company, which he known as Epic MegaGames. Seeing bigger opportunities, Tim partnered with an acquaintance named Mark Rein who had recently been fired by means of id software. Mark continues to be the company’s vice president.

the next recreation he took on was known as “Jill of the Jungle”. halfway via development Tim found out he did not have the sources on his personal to finish the sport on his very own, so he employed a group of 4 developers. They finished the venture in the summer season of 1992.

Tapping Mark’s connections at his former employer, identity software, they fashioned a shareware distribution deal which helped Jill of the Jungle and sequels to end up extremely popular. The title positioned Epic MegaGames at the map.

Unreal Engine

Tim commenced developing the game engine “Unreal Engine” in 1995, the sport engine that have become the muse of his “Unreal” series of first-individual shooter games, the primary of which turned into released in 1998. Tim wrote 90% of the the code in the back of the engine. Unreal the sport might go on to sell 1.5 million devices inside 3 years of being launched, a very dazzling wide variety for an upstart unbiased agency most people had never heard of within the mainstream. Following the achievement of Unreal, the enterprise relocated to North Carolina and shortened its call to Epic games.

Epic games

After Unreal, the first-character shooter genre have become wildly popular. every time a third party develops a recreation the usage of the factitious suite of seasoned equipment, Epic receives a five% royalty on that recreation’s revenues.

Epic might cross directly to broaden games such as the “Gears of warfare” collection, the “Infinity Blade” series, “solar Winds”, “Epic Pinball”, and “are seeking for and destroy”, amongst many others.

In 2014, after producing $1 billion in revenue off “Gears of war”, the game become obtained by using Microsoft for an undisclosed amount.

In 2012 Sweeney bought forty% of Epic games to chinese language conglomerate Tencent at an $825 million valuation.

In July 2020 Sony invested $250 million into Epic games at an $18 billion valuation. The valuation upped Tim’s internet well worth from $8 billion to $9 billion. After this round he still owned among fifty one and 59% of the agency.

In April 2021, Epic raised $1.seventy eight billion from a group of traders at a $28.7 billion valuation.

In April 2022 Epic games raised $2 billion at a valuation of $31.5 billion. The number one buyers in this round were Sony and the retaining organisation of Kirk Kristiansen, the billionaire inheritor and former chairman of Lego. After this funding spherical, Tim Sweeney’s possession stake stood at 28%.

Tim Sweeney Net Worth 2024


Epic and Tim’s biggest hit to this point is “Fortnite”. After being released in September 2017, Fortnite crossed the $1 billion revenue mark in July 2018. The iOS app reportedly generates $2 million in keeping with day in sales for the business enterprise. In some months, the game generates north of $300 million in sales.

Fight with Google and Apple

Tim has used his role and strength to publicly criticize Apple and Google for monopolistic practices of their respective utility stores. Tim does no longer discover it equitable that Epic is pressured to give Apple and Google a 30% reduce of revenue generated with the aid of the game, consisting of in-app purchases. In July 2020 he advised CNBC:

“Apple has locked down and crippled the environment by inventing an absolute monopoly at the distribution of software program.”

In 2019 Epic created its very own recreation shop, the Epic recreation keep, wherein it sells software program direct to consumers at a discount to the equal Apple and Android variations. regrettably for Epic, Apple blocked the platform from being to be had on iPhones.

Philanthropy and Conservation

At one factor Tim owned a fleet of luxury automobiles that he saved at his mansion in North Carolina. He has because offered the ones cars and over the years as a substitute has offered 50,000 acres of North Carolina land to maintain and defend. In 2016, he donated 15,000 acres of desolate tract in Western North Carolina to a public basis.

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